The Hundred Years' War: The Rise of the Black Prince and the Battle of Poitiers

TLDR The Hundred Years' War begins with an alliance between Nigel of Tilford and Raul de la Roche Pierre de Bra. The conflict is paused by the Black Death, but Edward III of England still aims to leverage his claim to the French throne. The Black Prince leads successful campaigns in France, culminating in the Battle of Poitiers where the French surrender and John II is captured.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The Hundred Years' War begins with Nigel of Tilford saving the life of Raul de la Roche Pierre de Bra, leading to their alliance.
04:55 The Black Death puts a pause on the conflict of the Hundred Years' War, but Edward still aims to leverage his claim to the French throne for possessions and prestige.
09:50 Geoffrey de Charny advises the French king, John II, on setting up the Order of the Star, which focuses on success in battle rather than tournaments and requires members to swear an oath to never retreat from battle.
14:42 The Order of the Star, a new French order of chivalry, is poorly attended and overshadowed by the more prestigious Order of the Garter established by Edward III in England.
19:18 The Black Prince is enrolled in the Order of the Garter, along with other notable figures such as Sir John Shandos, and his reputation as a hard man polarizes spectators to the Hundred Years War and highlights the contrasting leadership styles of England and France.
24:03 The Black Prince sets sail for Gascony on September 9, 1355, leading a large expeditionary force and embarking on a series of campaigns that will establish him as the most famous knight in English and European history.
28:32 The Black Prince leads a successful campaign in the south of France, looting and pillaging, recruiting Gascon troops, and returning to Aquitaine with immense wealth and prisoners.
33:00 John raises a large force, personally led by the King, to prevent the English armies led by the Duke of Lancaster and the Black Prince from meeting at the Loire and causing chaos in France.
37:41 The Black Prince and his army are trapped by the approaching French army and are forced to offer battle, but the English situation is weak and negotiations are initiated by the Pope's ambassadors.
42:09 The Battle of Poitiers takes place, with the French initially considering starving out the English but ultimately engaging in battle, resulting in a chaotic and desperate fight where the French are surrounded and suffer heavy losses.
46:26 The Battle of Poitiers ends with the French surrendering, the capture of John II and his son Philip, and the Black Prince triumphantly bringing them back to London.
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