The History of Hwang Jin Yi, a Famous Korean Poet and Courtesan

TLDR Hwang Jin Yi was a renowned Korean poet and courtesan who lived in the 16th century. She gained fame for her poetry, her frankness in dealing with men, and her mysterious love affair with a politician's son.

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00:00 Today's episode is about the South Korean poet Hwang Jeani and the history of the K-Siang, the Korean geisha girls.
03:30 The Kingdom of Goril, a golden age of Buddhism in Korea, is replaced by the Kingdom of Chosun, a Confucian kingdom influenced by China, which marks the golden age of Korean identity and the institution of the Qixing, highly educated courtesans with a low social status.
06:55 The Qixing, highly educated courtesans in Korea, have a short career and often end up working in taverns after leaving the profession, with the possibility of becoming a concubine for a powerful patron, but marriage is not an option for them.
10:10 Hwang Jin Yi is a famous female poet in Korean culture who lived from about 1500 to 1560 and is known for her love affair with a politician's son.
13:39 Hwang Jin Yi becomes a guixiang (courtesan) after a funeral procession stops outside her house while she is reading poetry, and the coffin only moves when she throws her skirt over it; she later becomes famous for her poetry and her frankness in dealing with men.
17:04 Hwang Jin Yi is famous for her poetry, including a poem with a double meaning about her frozen love, and for her riddle that only one person was able to solve.
20:27 Hwang Jini's fate is uncertain, but she is buried in a simple grave in K-Song and has been the subject of multiple TV series and films, although she is not celebrated in North Korea due to their puritanical views.
23:37 Hwang Jini's poetry is shared, and the hosts promote bonus episodes on the history of Iran.
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