The Devastating Impact of the Irish Potato Famine on Ireland

TLDR The Irish Potato Famine, caused by a combination of economic and political factors, led to death, mass migration, and long-lasting effects on Ireland. The British response and rule exacerbated the situation, resulting in widespread poverty, eviction, and a decrease in population that lasted for decades.

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00:00 The Irish Potato Famine in the 1840s resulted in death and mass migration, and its effects can still be seen today.
02:08 The Irish potato famine was caused by the economic and political situation in Ireland, where absentee English landlords rented out land to peasants for export, resulting in extreme poverty for the Irish people.
03:51 The potato was the foundation of the diet for poor Irish Catholics, and when a pathogen known as the blight spread in the mid-19th century, it had a devastating impact on Ireland's potato crops.
05:39 The Irish potato famine was a subset of the European potato failure, which affected most of Europe, and while many countries suffered worse potato harvests than Ireland, the poverty, land ownership, and over-reliance on a single crop magnified the problems in Ireland when the blight arrived in 1845.
07:24 During the Irish potato famine, the British Parliament allowed food exports out of Ireland, implemented laws that prevented aid to those who owned land, resulting in massive evictions and a high death toll, as well as a wave of immigration out of Ireland.
09:18 The Irish potato famine sparked massive changes in Ireland, leading to the Irish national movement and eventual independence, and despite the famine being over, immigration from Ireland continued, resulting in a decrease in population that lasted until the early 1960s.
11:11 The British response and rule over Ireland, including land confiscation, absentee landlords, and food exports, contributed to turning the potato blight into a disaster, and the Great Famine remains the most influential event in the history of modern Ireland.
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