Catherine the Great: Rise to Power and Accomplishments

TLDR Catherine the Great rose to power in Russia after a period of female rule and a successful coup against her husband, Peter III. She implemented legal reforms, established state-funded schools, expanded Russia's influence, and faced various challenges including wars, rebellions, and strained relationships.

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00:00 Catherine the Great is considered one of the most successful female statesmen in history, despite being reduced and disparaged in later life.
05:02 Catherine the Great's alleged sexual relationship with a horse is a demeaning and false rumor spread by the British press during a crisis with Russia, and it is unfair to diminish her accomplishments as a female statesman by focusing on her sex life.
09:28 Catherine the Great's rise to power in Russia followed a period of female rule, including rulers like Catherine the First and Empress Anna, before she married the heir to the Russian throne at a young age.
13:59 Catherine the Great's husband, Peter III, despises everything Russian and idolizes Frederick the Great, going so far as to make Russian soldiers change their uniforms to resemble those of Frederick's army.
18:20 Catherine the Great quickly establishes herself at the Russian court, making friends with the old ladies and becoming the more popular member of her marriage to Peter III, while also being attractive, intelligent, and well-read.
22:54 Catherine the Great becomes involved in intrigues during the Seven Years' War, has a secret lover, and the marriage between her and Peter III turns into open warfare.
27:13 Catherine the Great and her lover, Grigori Allof, lead a successful coup against Peter III, gaining the support of the guards and taking control of St. Petersburg.
31:40 Catherine the Great leads a successful coup against Peter III, arrests him, and he dies eight days later, possibly from being strangled.
36:15 Catherine the Great corresponds with the French court and the Enlightenment, transforms Russia to her tastes, and becomes an art collector, while also implementing legal reforms to improve the lives of the serfs.
40:40 Catherine the Great establishes Russia's first state-funded school and a girls' boarding school, while also expanding Russia's influence by imposing her ex-lover as king of Poland.
45:01 Catherine the Great faces a crisis as the Russo-Turkish War stalls, a peasant rebellion led by Emelian Pugachev threatens Moscow, and her relationship with her son Paul deteriorates, leading her to consider turning to Gregori Potemkin for support.
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Catherine the Great: Rise to Power and Accomplishments

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