Unclaimed Lands Around the World: From Terra Nullius to Border Disputes

TLDR From the concept of Terra Nullius to border disputes and uninhabited islands, there are several unclaimed lands around the world. Examples include Rockall, Marie Birdland in Antarctica, Bur Tawil between Sudan and Egypt, disputed land between Serbia and Croatia, and North Sentinel Island. The issue of property and sovereignty in space may also become important in the future.

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00:00 The concept of Terra Nullius, which refers to land that hasn't been claimed by any country, was used to justify the British claiming Australia, but was later overturned in a court case in 1992.
02:06 There are very few places in the world that can be considered nobody's land, but one example is the island of Rockall, which was claimed by the United Kingdom in 1955 and formally annexed in 1972.
04:11 Antarctica is the largest example of Terra Nullius, with several countries claiming parts of it, but the 1959 Antarctic Treaty has suspended these claims; however, there is one part of Antarctica, Marie Birdland, that remains unclaimed and is the largest unclaimed plot of land on Earth.
06:10 Bur Tawil, a piece of land between Sudan and Egypt, is unclaimed and uninhabited due to conflicting border claims and lack of resources, with both countries recognizing the other's ownership.
08:18 There is a border dispute between Serbia and Croatia over land that lies on opposite sides of the Danube River, with Serbia claiming some land that Croatia disputes, and vice versa, resulting in about 10 square kilometers of unclaimed land.
10:17 North Sentinel Island is not claimed by India or any other country because it is inhabited by the Sentinel Ease people who have no contact with the outside world and have attacked or killed outsiders who have landed on the island, making it a protectorate of India but not under its sovereignty, and while the moon and other celestial bodies are not claimed by any nation, the issue of property and sovereignty in space may become important in the future.
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