The Sacking of Londinium by Queen Boudica and the Roman Conquest of Britain

TLDR Queen Boudica led a Celtic attack on the Roman town of Londinium, resulting in its destruction and the deaths of thousands of people. Despite this, the Romans ultimately defeated the Celts, showcasing their superior military training and discipline.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 In the year 60, the Roman town of Londinium was attacked and sacked by native Celts led by Queen Boudica.
01:40 Roman involvement in Britain began with Julius Caesar's expeditions in 55 BC and 54 BC, but it wasn't until later that the Romans established a more permanent presence on the island.
03:06 During the reign of Nero, the Romans controlled only the southern portions of Britain, with the Ikeny tribe in the northeast allying with the Romans against their enemies.
04:32 Queen Boudica and the Ikeny tribe allied with other tribes in the region, including the Trinvantes, and together they attacked and captured the Roman colony town of Camaldonum, resulting in the defeat of the ninth legion and the Roman governor of Britannia.
05:50 Boudica and her army marched on Londonium, looting and burning the city to the ground, before moving on to destroy Verolamium, resulting in the estimated deaths of 70 to 80,000 people, while Governor Etonius regrouped his forces to face the Celts along Walting Street.
07:09 Despite the overwhelming numbers, the Romans routed the Celts in the battle, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 80,000 Celts and only 400 Romans, showcasing the superior training, equipment, and discipline of the Roman military.
08:39 Queen Boudica has become a symbol of resistance and independence for everyone in Britain, regardless of whether she is claimed by the English or the Welsh.
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