The Vikings' Influence on the Emergence of Russia and Ukraine

TLDR The Vikings played a significant role in the creation of Russia and Ukraine through their exploration and exploitation of the East, including trade with the Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire. They established trading stations along rivers and lakes, and their contact with the Arabs led to cultural exchange and potential conversion to Islam.

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00:00 The episode discusses the controversy surrounding the Vikings' role in the emergence of the Kingdom of the Rus in what becomes Russia and Ukraine.
04:43 The Vikings had a significant influence on 9th and 10th century Europe through conquest and brutalization, and their activities in the East were more exotic, exciting, and lucrative than their activities in the West, leading to the creation of Russia and Ukraine.
08:39 The Vikings went east because it was a land of riches, including the wealth of the Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire, and they engaged in a massive slave trading enterprise, with furs being another valuable commodity, and they would travel through places like Gotland and Birka to reach their destinations.
12:55 The Vikings established forts along rivers and lakes as trading stations, not for conquest, but to facilitate their route and make money.
17:08 The Vikings traveled along rivers in Ukraine, navigating through rapids and encountering nomadic groups like the Pechenegs and the Khazars.
21:28 The Vikings traveled to the Caliphate and Baghdad in search of silver and slaves, which explains their focus on the East and the rhythms of their campaigns in the West.
25:45 The availability of silver in the East during the 9th and 10th centuries led to the Vikings shifting their focus from the West to the East, which in turn influenced the emergence of the English state and the subsequent return of the Vikings.
30:14 The Vikings' contact with the Arabs was more trade-based and fascinated by each other's customs rather than a clash of civilizations, but there is evidence of some cultural exchange and potential conversion to Islam.
34:31 In a pagan Scandinavian funeral ritual witnessed by Ibn Fidlan, a girl volunteers to accompany the dead Viking chief to the afterlife and is treated like a princess before being expected to sleep with the deceased chief's friends for 10 days leading up to the funeral.
38:49 The funeral ritual witnessed by Ibn Fadlan involves a girl being lifted onto a ship, forced to have sex with the deceased chief's friends, and ultimately raped and killed while the others drown out her screams with drumming.
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