The Rise and Fall of the Vikings in Russia

TLDR The Vikings, led by Rurik, established order in Russia and eventually formed a state, adopting Byzantine culture and becoming the ancestors of Russia. Harold Hardrada, the last famous Viking, served as an enforcer in Kiev before embarking on various campaigns and ultimately marking the end of the Viking Age.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 In the year 860, the Chuds, Slavs, Krivichians, and Vess turned to the Vikings, specifically Rurik, to rule over them and establish order in what is now known as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
04:56 Before long, the transit posts established by the Vikings in Russia became forts, allowing them to set up protection rackets and eventually establish a state, with Rurik as the equivalent of a mafia boss.
09:30 In the year 860, the Vikings, who were considered nobodies by the people of Constantinople, besieged the city and continued to do so whenever the imperial fleet was away, although they never had a chance of actually taking over Constantinople.
13:47 The Kievan Rus start to be absorbed into Byzantine culture, adopting the world of orthodoxy, Byzantine church architecture, and contracting marriage alliances and trade deals, which marks the point at which they stop being the Scandinavians known as the Rus and start becoming the ancestors of Russia.
18:26 Olga, the wife of Igor and mother of Sviatslav, rules as Regent and seeks revenge on the Drevlians by burying their embassy alive, burning another embassy alive in a bathhouse, and ultimately besieging and killing everyone in the city where Igor was killed.
22:54 Olga converts to Christianity and becomes a patron of Christianity in Kiev, while her son Sviatoslav remains pagan and continues to conquer other territories. Sviatoslav is eventually killed by the Pechenegs, and his son Volodymyr emerges as the winner of the power struggle.
27:33 In the reign of Volodymyr, the Rus people convert to Christianity, with Volodymyr ultimately choosing Orthodox Christianity of Constantinople for geopolitical reasons.
32:15 Harold Hardrada, the last and most famous Viking character, serves as an enforcer for Yaroslav in Kiev before heading towards Constantinople in his quest to return to Norway and make money.
37:05 Harold Hardrada becomes a highly successful and wealthy Viking adventurer, participating in various campaigns and even becoming a high-ranking officer in the Byzantine Empire, before getting involved in power politics and ultimately escaping from Constantinople.
41:34 Harold Hardrada dies in 1066, marking the end of the Viking Age, and his career as a Viking adventurer and ruler in Norway and Constantinople represents a time of transition and clash between different cultures.
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