The Untold Story of Maria Anna Mozart, the Other Mozart

TLDR Maria Anna Mozart, the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was a talented musician who greatly influenced her brother's musical development. Despite her talent, she was not allowed to perform in public after reaching marriageable age, leading to a more subdued life.

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00:00 Learn about Maria Anna Mozart, the other Mozart and potentially a better musician than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
01:36 This story is about Maria Anna Mozart, the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and their father Leopold Mozart, who was a well-educated musician and teacher.
03:09 Leopold Mozart wrote a book on violin playing and taught his daughter, Maria Anna, how to play the harpsichord, which greatly influenced her younger brother, Wolfgang, in his musical development.
04:31 In 1762, Wolfgang and Maria Anna Mozart performed for the Emperor and Empress in Vienna, which was a huge success and led to a grand tour of Europe where Maria Anna often received top billing.
05:58 Maria Anna Mozart and her family embarked on a grand tour of Europe, performing in various cities and countries, during which Wolfgang composed his first symphony at the age of eight, and Maria Anna assisted him in writing down his music; however, once she reached marriageable age, she was no longer allowed to perform in public, and despite her musical talent, she did not get married until she was 33, spending 13 years not performing when she could have been one of Europe's premier musicians.
07:29 Maria Anna Mozart may have collaborated with her brother on some of his early compositions, and while Wolfgang was the better composer, Maria Anna was likely the better instrumentalist, as evidenced by her performances and the praise she received; despite her talent, she lived a more subdued life, remaining with her father until she was married and continuing to play music in private after her period of public performances.
08:49 Maria Anna Mozart, despite disappearing from history for the most part, had a profound impact on her brother Wolfgang's development and was a phenomenal musical talent in her own right, leaving us to wonder how great her musical career could have been.
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