The History and Restoration of the Hollywood Sign

TLDR Originally intended as a suburban development, the Hollywood sign has evolved to represent the motion picture industry and the Hollywood community. After falling into disrepair, it was restored in 1949 and replaced in 1978, becoming a landmark and symbol of Hollywood.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The Hollywood sign, consisting of nine letters made of steel and standing 45 feet tall, represents the motion picture industry and was originally intended to be a suburban development by a Canadian businessman.
02:11 The area now known as Hollywood was originally rural and named by a woman named Daiita Wilcox, who envisioned it as a utopian Christian community but failed to keep it free of vices like gambling and alcohol.
04:10 The Hollywoodland development in the Hollywood Hills was promoted with a giant sign spelling out "Hollywoodland" that was originally intended to be temporary.
06:08 The Hollywood sign's meaning shifted over time and came to represent the Hollywood community and the abstract idea of Hollywood, but after a series of failures and a tragic suicide, the sign fell into disrepair and there were demands for it to be taken down.
08:12 The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce repaired the Hollywood sign in 1949 and removed the last four letters, and despite being designated as a historic cultural monument in 1973, it was in a dilapidated state and needed to be completely replaced.
10:12 The old Hollywood sign was destroyed in 1978 and replaced with a new sign that closely resembled the original, and today the sign is a joint project of the City of Los Angeles, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and the Hollywood Sign Trust, with significant investments made in security measures to prevent vandalism and trespassing.
12:15 The Hollywood sign was never intended to be a landmark, but its unintentional status is what makes it perfect for Hollywood.
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