The Journey of the $450 Million Leonardo da Vinci Painting

TLDR The painting "Salvador Mundi," believed to be created by Leonardo da Vinci, was sold for a record-breaking $450 million in 2017 after being initially sold for only $1,000 in 2005 due to doubts about its authenticity. The painting's restoration and provenance played a crucial role in establishing its value, and its current whereabouts remain unknown.

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00:00 A painting labeled "Christ Salvador Mundi" was sold for $1,000 in 2005 and later sold for a record-breaking $450 million in 2017.
01:40 The painting "Salvador Mundi" is estimated to be around 500 years old, depicts Christ wearing a blue robe and holding a crystal transparent glass sphere, and is believed to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci, making it extremely valuable.
03:10 The scarcity and high value of Leonardo da Vinci's works, including sketches and drawings, is due to their rarity and the fact that they are mostly in private hands, with any Da Vinci artwork that comes up for auction usually setting a record price, but the painting "Salvator Mundi" was initially sold for only $1,000 in 2005 because no one believed it was created by Da Vinci due to its poor condition and evidence of restoration attempts.
04:44 There are over 30 versions of Salvatore Mundi created by Da Vinci students or admirers, with the first documented occurrence of the painting dating back to 1638 and its provenance being important in establishing its value and legitimacy.
06:08 The restoration of the Salvator Mundi painting was overseen by Diane Dwyer-Modestini of New York University, who meticulously repaired and cleaned the damaged artwork, while more work was done to establish its provenance.
07:33 The Salvator Mundi painting, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, was purchased for $450 million at auction in 2017.
09:09 The whereabouts of the Salvator Mundi painting, purchased for $450 million in 2017, are unknown, with theories suggesting it may be in an art warehouse in Geneva or on the private yacht of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
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