The Unique Culture and History of the Basque People

TLDR The Basque people have a distinct language and genetic profile, and may have visited the Americas before Columbus. Despite their isolation, they have played a significant role in European history and have made contributions to the New World.

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00:00 The Basques are a unique people in Europe with a distinct language and genetics, and they may have visited the Americas before Columbus.
01:57 The Basque language is a unique language isolate that has survived for thousands of years despite being surrounded by dominant languages, and the genetic profile of the Basque people suggests they may be the closest genetic relatives to Chromagnans or Neanderthals.
03:48 The Basque people migrated to the North Coast of Spain after the ice caps melted, and their separate language and genetic profile can be attributed to their isolation from the rest of Europe for a long time, although they were part of the political ebb and flow throughout history.
05:27 The Basque fishermen and whalers may have arrived in North America before Columbus, but they didn't tell anyone about it because they were there to make money from fish and wanted to keep their prime fishing spots a secret.
07:11 Large numbers of Basques migrated to the New World, with many settling in Spanish colonies such as Chile, and today there are significant Basque communities in places like Boise, Idaho and Texas, while the Basque language has experienced a resurgence since the end of the Franco regime.
08:54 The Basque country is known for its delicious food, including pinchos and the white wine Chocoli, as well as its sports, such as pelota and the football team Athletic Bilbao, which only has Basque players.
10:39 The Basque region is known for its successful football team, the running of the bulls in Pamplona, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and the Santa Maria Cathedral in Vittoria.
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