Who is the Current Roman Emperor?

TLDR The question of who the current Roman Emperor would be is complex and open to interpretation, with possible claimants including King Felipe VI of Spain, the head of House Habsburg, and even the European Union and the Pope. However, none of these individuals or entities are actively making claims to the title.

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00:00 The current Roman Emperor is explored in this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily, despite the fact that the Roman Empire no longer exists.
01:36 The question of who the current Roman Emperor would be is complicated due to the passage of time, the debate over what the Roman Empire was, and the lack of a clear system for handing off power between emperors.
02:51 The legal claim to the title of Roman emperor could be King Felipe VI of Spain.
04:11 The three possible interpretations for a claim to the Byzantine throne are legal, bloodlines, and conquest.
05:35 The Holy Roman Empire claimed to be the successor state to the Western Roman Empire, and Napoleon Bonaparte could be considered a claimant to the Roman throne.
06:59 The current head of House Habsburg, 59-year-old Carl von Habsburg, could be considered a claimant to both the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Holy Roman Empire.
08:12 The European Union and the Pope could be considered successors to the Roman Empire, but none of these people are actually making claims of being the Roman Emperor.
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