The Terrifying History of Proscription Lists in Ancient Rome

TLDR Proscription lists were used in ancient Rome to target individuals deemed enemies of the state, resulting in the loss of their citizenship, property, and even their lives. These lists were abused by powerful figures like Sulla and the Second Triumvirate, leading to the persecution and execution of innocent people.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 This episode explores the history of proscription lists and the terrifying consequences for those who were on them.
01:47 Sulla published a list of names of people he considered enemies of the state and personal threats to his rule, revoking their citizenship and declaring them outlaws with their lives and property forfeit.
03:19 Sulla created a prescription list where anyone on it could be killed by anyone, and those who killed someone on the list would be rewarded with two talents of silver.
04:50 During the time of Sulla, many innocent people were put on the prescription list, including Julius Caesar, in order for Sulla to gain money, and this period in Roman history was not looked upon fondly by anyone.
06:21 The Second Triumvirate created another prescription list after the assassination of Caesar, which included innocent people who were targeted for personal reasons or wealth.
07:51 The most famous person on the second Triumvirate prescription list was the statesman and senator Cicero, who was eventually caught, beheaded, and had his hands nailed to the rostra in the forum.
09:21 The practice of proscribing names is something that should be left in the dustbin of history.
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