The Historical Rivalry Between England and Italy: From the Roman Empire to Euro 2020

TLDR The rivalry between England and Italy has deep historical roots, stemming from the Roman Empire and the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. From cultural admiration to economic subordination, England's relationship with Italy has evolved over time, with Italy's victory in the Euro 2020 final serving as a testament to the enduring legacy and appeal of Italian culture.

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00:00 The podcast episode discusses the historical rivalry between England and Italy, tracing back to the Roman Empire and the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain.
06:13 English attitudes towards Italy can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxons' profound emotional and spiritual relationship with Rome, as seen in their identification of the beginnings of their history with Rome's first contact with Britain and their desire to emulate the Roman Empire.
11:24 The Pope's role in converting the Anglo-Saxons and the English admiration for Gregory the Great, as well as the tension between the English crown and the papacy, contribute to the cultural cringe and peripheral relationship England has with Rome.
16:43 England's relationship with Italy is characterized by cultural admiration, economic subordination, and a sense of being a peripheral player in European affairs.
22:18 England's relationship with Italy is marked by cultural admiration, as seen in Shakespeare's plays set in Italy, and a shift in perception from Italy as a center of popery and depravity to a place of high culture and sophistication, as reflected in Milton's cultural pilgrimage to Italy.
27:29 Milton's portrayal of the Roman Catholic Church as repressive and ignorant has influenced Protestant and post-Christian attitudes towards Christianity, particularly in England and America.
32:09 The Grand Tour of Italy in the 18th century led to the introduction of macaroni and Italian fashion in England, which was initially mocked and seen as effeminate.
36:54 The macaroni tradition in England in the 18th century was associated with sexuality and gender, and there was a perception of Italian effeminacy that persisted until the mid-20th century.
41:30 Garibaldi's arrival in England in 1854 and his subsequent expeditions in Italy garnered huge support and admiration, making him a popular figure among working men, liberals, and anti-Catholic sentiment in England, leading to his widespread memorialization and even influencing football club traditions.
46:22 In the 20th century, Italy had a low political reputation among the British due to their actions in both World Wars, but after the war, there was still admiration and respect for the Italian partisans.
51:16 The treatment of Italians in Britain during and after World War II was shameful, with many being mistreated, rounded up, and sent to camps, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, while post-war relations between England and Italy have been generally positive, with Italy surpassing England in economic growth and Italian culture, fashion, and art having a lasting legacy and appeal.
55:59 Italy's victory in the Euro 2020 final is predicted, and the Italian team is praised for embodying the stereotypes and historical figures associated with Italy.
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