The Rise and Fall of Nader Shah: From Humble Beginnings to the Plundering of Delhi

TLDR Nader Shah, the Persian Napoleon, rose from poverty to become a powerful military leader who saved Persia from destruction. However, his avarice and cruelty eventually led to his downfall, as his mental state deteriorated and he faced assassination attempts.

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00:00 Nader Shah, described as the Persian Napoleon, had a humble birth but possessed qualities of a hero and a great king, although his avarice and cruelty eventually led to the suffering of Persia.
05:20 Nader Shah's story is that of a self-made man who saved Persia from destruction and brought it back from the brink, at a time when Persia was facing enemies on all sides and the leadership was disintegrating.
09:54 Nader Shah's early life was marked by poverty, banditry, and stories of his toughness and strength, but also his obsession with war.
14:22 Nader Shah's early life was marked by poverty and struggle, but his exposure to guns at the age of 15 sparked his fascination with warfare and set him on a path to becoming a powerful military leader.
19:08 Nader Shah's interest in artillery sets him apart from other warrior nations of the same period, and his rise through the ranks catches the attention of the governor, who allows him to marry his daughter and improves Nader's prospects, while Persia falls into chaos and is invaded by the Gilzai tribe.
23:39 During a time of chaos and invasion in Persia, Nader Shah rises to power by marrying the governor's daughter, ruling with terror, and implementing European military tactics in his army.
28:19 Nader Shah teams up with Prince Tamasp to take on Coruscant, despite Tamasp's inferior fighting skills and unstable behavior, and eventually takes control of the capital, becoming the chief general and reducing Tamasp to a puppet ruler.
32:52 Nader Shah, using his camel-mounted artillery, pushes back against Persia's enemies, including the Ottomans and the Russians, and retakes Armenia and Georgia, surprising everyone who had given up on Persia.
37:25 Nader Shah takes advantage of Tamaz's drunkenness to imprison him and crown his own son, eventually leading to the fall of the Safavids and the Afshas seizing control, followed by a battle with the Ottomans and the Russians where Nader suffers a major defeat and decides to seek more money from the Mughal Empire in India.
42:34 Nader Shah defeats the Mughals in the Battle of Qarnal and captures Muhammad Shah Rangila, leading to the plundering of Delhi and the acquisition of vast amounts of treasure.
47:32 Nader Shah's mental state deteriorates after acquiring the treasures of the Mughals, possibly due to the death of his mother and an illness, leading to paranoia, an assassination attempt, and his eventual demise.
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The Rise and Fall of Nader Shah: From Humble Beginnings to the Plundering of Delhi

117. Nader Shah: The Sword of Persia
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