The Roman Origins of London and its Underground Remains

TLDR London was created by the Romans and became the capital of southern Britain due to its strategic location. The remains of Roman London, including buildings, artifacts, and even a chunk of Roman wall, provide insight into the city's history and culture.

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00:00 The section discusses the Roman origins of London and how it was a creation of the Romans, unlike other Roman settlements which were already major centers.
04:56 London grows organically as a result of its strategic location as a bridging point and port, and becomes the capital of southern Britain due to its geographical advantages, while the Romans are attracted to Britain for its agricultural richness, minerals, and the political reasons of Emperor Claudius.
09:39 During the redevelopment of number one poultry in London, the remains of decapitated young men and charred buildings dating back to AD 60 were found, providing evidence of Boudicca's revolt and the burning of London.
14:48 The remains of a Gaulish colonial administrator, a temple to Mithras, and the earliest mention of the name "Londonium" on a wooden tablet have been discovered in London.
19:19 The remains of Roman London, including writing materials and organic material, have been preserved and provide a glimpse into the history of the city, although much of it remains a mystery.
23:50 The remains of Roman London are scarce due to the city falling into ruin after the Romans left, but there are some underground trace elements such as the Mithraeum and the amphitheatre.
28:42 The remains of the Basilica, the largest building built by the Romans north of the Alps, can be found in the basement of a barber shop in Leadenhall Market.
32:55 The Roman street plan in London was much more of a grid pattern, with the only surviving part of Roman London's basilica being a support or pier that served as the base of an arch in one of the basilica's arcades, which housed the town hall, law courts, and central market.
37:28 The section explores the underground remains of the Roman fort and wall in London, including a stretch of authentic Roman wall found in an underground car park.
42:13 In the underground car park, they find a chunk of Roman wall, which is considered one of the great sites in London.
46:40 The grave of a young girl found within the city limits of Roman London suggests that she may have been Christian, and her remains were later given a religious ceremony and burial in 2007.
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