The Unlikely Success Story of Lord Timothy Dexter

TLDR Lord Timothy Dexter, a man of humble beginnings, stumbled his way into a fortune through clever business tactics and fortunate circumstances. Despite his wealth, he was never fully accepted in high society due to his lack of education and eccentric personality.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Lord Timothy Dexter stumbled his way into a fortune, proving that sometimes luck is more important than skill in business.
01:39 Timothy Dexter, born into humble beginnings, sold his freedom suit for $8.20 and used the money to start a successful business in Newburyport, Massachusetts, accumulating several thousand dollars by the end of the Revolutionary War.
03:07 Timothy Dexter made a fortune by buying worthless continental dollars for less than a penny and later selling them to the federal government for 1% of face value, and then used that money to purchase two ships for shipping goods.
04:29 Timothy Dexter shipped bed warmers, wool mittens, and stray cats to the Caribbean, all of which sold out and made him a profit.
06:01 Timothy Dexter shipped Bibles, wool gloves, whale bone, and coal to various places, making significant profits through clever marketing and fortunate circumstances, but his wealth did not earn him acceptance in high society due to his lack of education and eccentric personality.
07:32 Timothy Dexter created a sculpture garden with wooden statues of famous people, wrote a book filled with spelling errors and punctuation mistakes, and desperately wanted to hold a public office but was only given the title of Informer of Deer.
09:03 Timothy Dexter faked his own death to see what his funeral would be like, and at the wake, he hit his wife with a cane because she wasn't crying, and when he actually died, he was buried in a local cemetery instead of his mausoleum.
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