The Rise and Fall of Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil

TLDR Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil ascended to the throne at a young age and faced numerous challenges including slave revolts, pressure regarding slavery, and a loss of support among the Brazilian people. Eventually, he was overthrown in a coup and banished from Brazil, but is still regarded by many as the greatest Brazilian.

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00:00 Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, has a history that is often overlooked, but it began as a monarchy and became independent from Portugal in 1822.
05:34 Brazil's nascent monarchy under Dom Pedro, the emperor of Brazil, is formed with a coronation and anointment ceremony, and the country is devoted to the monarchy, slavery, and defending the interests of the landowning classes.
10:17 Dom Pedro II becomes the future emperor of Brazil at a young age, but his father, Dom Pedro I, abdicates the throne and goes to Portugal, leaving his son to rule.
14:56 Dom Pedro II is isolated and unhappy as a young emperor of Brazil, while the country experiences numerous slave revolts and violence in the early decades of independence.
19:34 In 1841, Dom Pedro II is crowned emperor of Brazil and is seen as the answer to all of Brazil's problems, but he faces pressure regarding the issue of slavery as Rio de Janeiro has more slaves than any city since the end of the Roman Empire.
24:38 In the mid-19th century, the Brazilian government encourages immigration as an alternative to slavery, creating new pressures for Emperor Dom Pedro II to deal with.
30:26 Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil is passionate about science, photography, and creating a Brazilian culture that is on par with European cultures, and he even organized an expedition to relocate a meteorite to the National Museum.
35:23 Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil is losing support among the liberal elite who are starting to flirt with republicanism due to their belief that republicanism is aligned with the defense of slavery, despite the fact that the emperor himself is not in favor of slavery.
40:08 Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil loses support among the Brazilian people due to his perceived lack of interest in Brazil, his unprepossessing appearance, and his unsound stance on slavery, leading to growing enthusiasm for republicanism.
44:55 The Brazilian army, influenced by positivist ideas, stages a coup against Emperor Dom Pedro II, who is initially dismissive of the situation and eventually agrees to be banished, leading to the end of his reign and the beginning of a tumultuous period in Brazilian history.
49:14 Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil, after being banished and living in poor health in Europe, receives a grand state funeral in France and is regarded by many ordinary Brazilians as the greatest Brazilian.
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