The History of Ice: From Ancient Persia to Modern Refrigeration

TLDR Ice has played a significant role in human history, from the ancient Persians' method of preserving ice in the desert to the modern refrigeration techniques that revolutionized the ice industry. The use of ice for numbing, improving taste, and preserving food has evolved over time, with artificial ice eventually replacing ice harvesting due to its lower cost and convenience.

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00:00 Ice has been a challenge for humans to use outside of winter, but it became more accessible in recent history.
02:05 Humans discovered the properties of ice, including its ability to numb, improve taste, and preserve food, and as early as the 4th century BC, the ancient Persians developed a method to preserve ice year-round in the desert using a building called Ayakchal.
03:40 In ancient Rome, ice was packed up and shipped from the Alps to insulated buildings where it was purchased by rich Romans, and there was a flourishing ice business with snow shops; however, after the fall of the Roman Empire, ice harvesting and preservation disappeared in Europe for over a thousand years, while in other parts of the world, such as China, India, and the Muslim Caliphate, ice continued to be collected and stored using similar techniques.
05:18 In the early 19th century, the ice industry began to change with the efforts of Frederick Tudor, a Boston merchant who harvested ice in New England and shipped it to the Caribbean for purchase by wealthy Europeans, despite initial skepticism.
06:54 Frederick Tudor, known as the Ice King, revolutionized the ice industry by applying modern industrial thinking, creating an assembly line system, and realizing the potential for refrigeration, leading to the widespread use of ice for preservation and a decrease in its cost.
08:28 Artificially produced ice took over from ice harvesting in the 1890s due to its lower cost, cleanliness, year-round production, and ability to be made at home with the spread of residential ice creation in the 20th century.
10:07 Ice machines in American hotels originated from the Holiday Inn Hotel Chain in 1952, which was the first hotel to offer free ice via an ice machine, and the tradition spread due to Americans' cultural preference for ice in drinks.
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