The Rise and Fall of the Ashanti Empire in Ghana

TLDR The Ashanti Empire, known for its wealth and power, was formed in the 17th century through the introduction of iron and the gold trade. Despite facing initial difficulties, the empire secured victory over the Denkira, established their capital, and profited from the trade in gold and slaves. However, conflicts with the British eventually led to the downfall of the empire.

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00:00 The Ashanti Empire in Ghana was known for its magnificent displays of wealth and power, with large umbrellas, extravagant clothing, and intricate gold jewelry, as described by T.E. Bowditch in his written account of the court of the Ashanti king in 1817.
04:43 The Ashanti Empire began to form in the 17th century within the broader empire of the Denkira, as the introduction of iron allowed for the clearing of villages and the cultivation of crops, including maize and various American fruits, while also benefiting from the gold trade with the Denkira.
09:01 Ose Tutu, the founder of the Ashanti Empire, escapes from the Denkira and with the help of Okonfo Anokie, who has deep command of magic, plans to take revenge on the Denkira and unite the different tribal entities scattered over the forest under a single people.
13:49 The Ashanti Empire, led by Ose Tutu, establishes their capital in Kamase, creates a powerful army, and prepares to take on the Denkira, but initially faces difficulties in their efforts.
18:09 The Ashanti Empire, led by Ose Tutu, secures a victory over the Denkira, captures their king, and establishes their empire, which gives them direct access to the coast and allows them to profit from the trade in gold and slaves.
22:42 The Ashanti Empire is a sophisticated and oppressive political system with visual markers of status, impressive architecture, and a reputation for being intimidating, but the British are both impressed and alarmed by their civilization.
27:03 The British are hostile towards the Ashanti Empire due to their involvement in the slave trade, their imperial ambitions, and their practice of human sacrifice.
31:17 The British and the Ashanti Empire engage in a series of wars, with the British eventually gaining the upper hand and defeating the Ashanti.
35:38 The British are appalled by the gruesome practices of the Ashanti Empire, leading to debates about who was morally right, but ultimately the British destroy the empire.
39:33 The British governor of the Gold Coast demands to sit on the Golden Stool, triggering a war and leading to the exile of the Shanti workman who stripped it of its gold, but the British eventually issue a promise to respect the stool and it continues to be a symbol of the Shanti kingdom to this day.
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