The Invention of Frozen Foods: How Clarence Birdseye Revolutionized Food Storage

TLDR Clarence Birdseye revolutionized food storage with his invention of frozen foods. By developing flash freezing technology and creating the Bird's Eye Seafoods Company, he paved the way for the frozen food industry, which is now projected to be worth over $366 billion in the United States by 2026.

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00:00 Clarence Birdseye made a huge advancement in our ability to store food with the invention of frozen foods.
01:35 Food storage has historically been a challenge, with methods such as drying, fermentation, salting, and canning altering the taste of the food.
02:55 Freezing food wasn't something that really worked because it would often turn the food to mush due to the expansion of water when it freezes, causing ice crystals to burst cell walls and turn the food into mush when thawed.
04:22 Clarence Birdseye discovered that freezing food at a much colder temperature than usual preserved its freshness and taste, leading him to realize the potential for a successful frozen food business.
05:46 Clarence Birdseye developed flash freezing technology and created the Bird's Eye Seafoods Company, which eventually led to the launch of the frozen food industry and the establishment of the Bird's Eye brand.
07:09 Clarence Birdseye's legacy can be seen in the frozen food section of grocery stores today, where a wide variety of frozen foods can be found, all of which require no additives or preservatives and can be frozen shortly after being harvested.
08:39 The frozen food industry is projected to be worth over $366 billion in the United States by 2026.
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