The Lasting Legacy of the Moorish Occupation in Spain

TLDR The Moorish occupation of Spain for almost 800 years left a lasting legacy in the form of place names, historic buildings, and the development of the Spanish language. The Moors never fully conquered the Iberian Peninsula, but their influence shaped the culture and history of Spain.

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00:00 For almost 800 years, most of the Iberian Peninsula was under Muslim control, leaving a lasting legacy in the names of places and historic buildings in Spain.
01:28 Within a century of the death of the prophet Muhammad, the Umayyad Caliphate spread from the Arabian Peninsula to conquer much of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa, and in 711, the Moors began a seven-year campaign to bring most of the Iberian Peninsula under Islamic control.
02:39 The Moors controlled part of the Iberian Peninsula for almost 800 years, but never fully conquered it, and they gave generous terms to those they did conquer, allowing them to continue practicing Christianity.
03:48 The Moors reached their limit in Western Europe after the Battle of Tours in 732, and the Iberian Peninsula became the center of their civilization, with Córdoba as their capital during the Caliphate of Córdoba from 929 to 1031.
05:00 The Cordoba Caliphate only lasted a century before Al-Andalus devolved into competing Islamic and Christian kingdoms, leading to the Reconquista and the eventual surrender of the Emirate of Granada in 1492.
06:15 The Moorish occupation of Spain heavily influenced the development of the Spanish language, with thousands of words in Spanish coming from Arabic, and many place names in Spain also having Arab origins.
07:27 The Moorish occupation of Spain was directly responsible for the creation of modern Spain and the modern Spanish language, and is what makes Spain unique among all European countries.
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