The Impact of the Tupamaros on Uruguayan History

TLDR The Tupamaros, an urban guerrilla group in Uruguay, played a significant role in the country's history, using tactics such as kidnappings and assassinations to promote their cause and demand better rights for workers. Their actions ultimately led to a crackdown by the Uruguayan government, resulting in the suspension of democracy for over a decade.

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00:00 The British ambassador to Uruguay in 1971 is kidnapped by a group of men while on his way to a meeting at the embassy in Montevideo.
04:48 The subject of this podcast episode is the urban guerrilla group called the Tupamaros and their impact on Uruguayan history, but first, we need to understand the history of Uruguay and its rivalry with Buenos Aires.
09:13 Uruguay, once a prosperous and stable country with a high standard of living, began to experience economic decline and social unrest after World War Two, leading to a sense of disillusionment among young Uruguayans like Raul Sendig, who would later become involved in extremist groups.
13:05 In 1963, Raul Sendig sets up the Tupamaros, an urban guerrilla group in Uruguay, inspired by the Peruvian rebel Tupac Amaru II, and they begin as bank robbers to fund their activities.
17:04 The Tupamaros, an urban guerrilla group in Uruguay, used tactics such as selective assassinations of policemen, kidnapping, and armed propaganda to promote their cause and demand ransom or better rights for workers.
20:51 The Tupamaros kidnapped a banker in support of a strike at his bank and demanded better terms for the employees, which ultimately led to the Uruguayan government becoming more authoritarian in response.
24:24 The controversy surrounding Dan Mitrione's activities in Uruguay and his alleged involvement in torture remains unresolved, but he was ultimately kidnapped by the Tupamaros who demanded the release of political prisoners in exchange for his life.
28:20 Dan Mitrione, who was kidnapped by the Tupamaros, was found dead in a car having been shot twice in the head, and his kidnapping was made into a film by Costa Gavros, but the aftermath of the kidnapping led to a massive crackdown by the Uruguayan government, resulting in the destruction of Uruguayan democracy and the suspension of democracy between 1973 and 1985.
32:10 José Mujica, a former member of the Tupamaros, was captured and imprisoned for two years in terrible conditions, but later became the president of Uruguay and presided over a liberal regime before retiring to his chrysanthemum farm.
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