The Future of the Dead Sea: Will it Disappear?

TLDR Despite its rapid drop in water levels, the Dead Sea is not likely to disappear completely. Measures are being considered to offset the decline, and being near the Dead Sea offers unique benefits such as protection from sunburn and preservation of historical artifacts.

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00:00 The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and one of the saltiest bodies of water, but it may disappear at some point.
01:52 The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and is dropping in elevation rapidly, with its current elevation approximately 432 meters below sea level.
03:41 The Dead Sea gets its water from the Jordan River, which has been diverted for agricultural use and consumption, causing the Dead Sea to drop rapidly in elevation and become much saltier than regular sea water.
05:17 Floating in the Dead Sea is a unique experience, but any cuts or scratches on your body will cause incredible pain, swimming is not possible, and getting the water in your mouth or eyes is regrettable; however, being near the Dead Sea offers protection from extra atmosphere and the lowest levels of ultraviolet radiation in the world.
06:54 Being near the Dead Sea offers protection from sunburn, increases oxygen levels, improves exercise capacity, and preserves historical artifacts well due to its dry climate.
08:30 The future of the Dead Sea is not likely to result in its disappearance due to the expectation that it will reach an equilibrium and the potential implementation of a project to offset the drop in water levels.
10:07 The Dead Sea is not only a geologically and geographically interesting place, but it also has industrial activity involving the collection of minerals, such as potash and bromine, and the sale of salts and mud with therapeutic benefits.
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