The Creation and Evolution of the Oxford English Dictionary

TLDR The Oxford English Dictionary was a massive project aimed at providing comprehensive definitions, histories, and origins of words. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the death of its first editor and disorganization, the dictionary eventually became a monumental work that continues to evolve and expand to this day.

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00:00 The creation of the Oxford English Dictionary was an ambitious project that aimed to provide not only definitions and spellings, but also a complete history of each word and its origins.
01:47 The London Philological Society aimed to create a comprehensive dictionary that would address the deficiencies of current dictionaries and include obsolete words, histories of words, synonyms, and better examples and illustrations.
03:30 Herbert Coleridge was appointed as the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary but died at the age of 30, leading to Frederick James Fernival taking over and causing disarray before eventually stepping down and handing the job off to James Murray.
05:03 Under James Murray's leadership, the Oxford English Dictionary began to take shape with the help of volunteers, but the overwhelming volume of information and the disorganization under Frederick James Fernival made it impossible to meet the original ten-year deadline for publication.
06:38 James Murray discovered that one of his most valuable contributors, Dr. W.C. Minor, was actually a patient at a mental institution, but they still became friends and Murray published the first volume of the dictionary in 1884, eventually hiring Henry Bradley as his primary assistant and publishing a total of eleven volumes before Oxford University Press demanded that Murray move to Oxford and hire more people to speed up the development of the dictionary.
08:17 In 1971, a two-volume edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was released, followed by supplements in subsequent years, and in 1989, the second edition, known as OED2, was released, which was later digitized and condensed into the online version in 2000, with work beginning on the third edition.
09:56 The third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is expected to be complete in 2037, will double the size of the dictionary, and currently has 600,000 entries with new ones being added each year.
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