The House of David: A Religious Sect and Baseball Team

TLDR The House of David was a religious sect that also had a popular baseball team in the early 20th century. They played exhibition games to spread their faith, but faced a scandal and eventually disbanded in the mid-1950s.

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00:00 The House of David baseball team was a popular barnstorming act in the early 20th century, combining elements of a religious cult, the Harlem Globetrotters, and Troy Palamalu's hair.
01:24 The House of David was a religious sect founded by Benjamin and Mary Purnell based on the teachings of Joanna Southcott, and they were considered the seventh messenger before the apocalypse.
02:45 The House of David was a religious sect that practiced celibacy, didn't eat meat, drink, or smoke, never cut their hair or shaved, and played baseball as a form of physical and spiritual discipline.
04:06 The House of David played exhibition games to raise money and spread their faith, and became popular for their comedic skits during games, but faced a crisis when their founder was accused of sexual relations with minors.
05:13 After the scandal, the House of David split into two groups, with Mary Pernell leading one group and the council of elders leading the other, resulting in the creation of a new community called the City of David and a new baseball team with the same name, which became even more popular and hired professional players, including Hall of Famers.
06:30 The House of David baseball team, which included the great female pitcher Jackie Mitchell, played against teams in the Negro League and even had their own all-black barnstorming team, but eventually both the church and the team came to an end in the mid-1950s.
07:39 The House of David church dwindled due to celibacy not attracting new members, but there are still a few members who own the church property in Benton Harbor, and the baseball team's legacy lives on through memorabilia collectors and a museum.
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