How Switzerland Successfully Defended Its Neutrality During World War II

TLDR Despite the Nazis' desire to invade Switzerland during World War II, the country's robust defense system, including the appointment of General Henri Gussan and the construction of bunkers, deterred Hitler from attacking. Switzerland's strategy of making itself an unappetizing target for the Nazis ultimately succeeded, allowing the country to maintain its neutrality throughout the war.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The Nazis wanted to invade Switzerland during World War II, despite its neutrality.
01:48 The Swiss were not passive during World War II and recognized that neutrality had its limits, as the Germans had invaded other officially neutral countries.
03:10 Hitler viewed Switzerland as an enemy and planned to divide the country into linguistic regions, merging them with Vichy France, Mussolini's Italy, and the Third Reich.
04:25 Switzerland had a robust defense system and appointed a general in preparation for a potential German invasion.
05:42 Switzerland appointed Henri Gussan as their general, who planned to fight a guerrilla war and retreat into the mountains to force the Germans to fight on their terms.
07:01 Switzerland's defensive preparations, including the construction of bunkers and the mobilization of a large army, deterred Hitler from invading the country.
08:13 Henry Gussand's strategy of making Switzerland unappetizing as a target for the Nazis worked, as they never attacked, and he is now considered one of the greatest Swiss people in history.
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