The Vikings' Journey to North America and Their Mysterious Disappearance

TLDR The Vikings settled in Iceland and Greenland before reaching North America, with evidence of a Norse community discovered in Newfoundland. However, the settlement was likely abandoned due to a conflict with the native population over the consumption of dairy products. While there is speculation about the Vikings reaching Mexico or Central America, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

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00:00 The Vikings may have reached North America before Christopher Columbus, thanks to the ease of traveling north across the Atlantic.
01:35 The Vikings settled in Iceland and Greenland, with thousands of people migrating to Iceland within the first 60 years, and Greenland being discovered by Gun Bjorn Olfsson and explored by Erik the Red in the 10th century.
02:57 The Vikings settled in both Iceland and Greenland, with Greenland being named as a sales pitch to encourage Norse migration and Iceland being named after the icebergs found in its harbor.
04:23 In 1960, the location of a Norse community on the island of Newfoundland was discovered, confirming that the Vikings had made it to North America.
05:45 At the Norse settlement at Leonsa Meadows, archaeologists found evidence of a small community with dwellings, Norse artifacts, and the remains of various animals, suggesting that the Norse may have sailed to at least New Brunswick, but the settlement was likely only occupied for a few years before being abandoned.
07:01 The theory is that the Norse settlement in North America may have been abandoned due to a misunderstanding and conflict with the native population over the consumption of dairy products, as the Aboriginal people were lactose intolerant and may have thought they were being poisoned.
08:24 There is speculation that the Vikings may have reached Mexico or Central America, but there is no hard evidence to support this claim.
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