The History of Hollywood and the Influence of the TMZ Zone

TLDR Hollywood became the center of the movie industry due to a clause in union contracts, favorable weather, affordable labor and land, and proximity to diverse filming locations. The establishment of the 30 mile zone (TMZ) in Los Angeles discouraged runaway productions and led to the concentration of the film industry in the area, influencing the uniformity of films and the creation of the TMZ website.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The reason why Hollywood is the center of the movie industry is due to a clause in various union contracts.
01:26 The movie industry originally started on the East Coast, but filmmakers wanted to escape Edison's patent enforcement, leading them to move to Hollywood.
02:45 Filmmakers stayed in Hollywood because of the favorable weather, affordable labor and land, and the proximity to a variety of landscapes for filming.
03:59 During the 1930s, Hollywood saw the rise of unions and the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, including a six mile radius zone where studios didn't have to pay for transportation and other limits on what had to be provided, leading to films produced outside of this zone being called runaway productions.
05:08 In the 1970s, a 30 mile zone was established in Los Angeles to discourage runaway productions and cover most of the filming ranches, with exceptions for certain locations just outside the zone.
06:20 The TMZ is the reason why so many states and countries offer incentives for films to be shot in their location, and it is also the reason why the film industry stays in Los Angeles and why so many places and films all look the same.
07:28 The TMZ website got its name from the 30 mile zone, as most of its news and photos come from within that area.
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