The Unique Monastic Republic of Mount Athos: A Male-Only Population

TLDR Mount Athos in Greece is a monastic Republic with a male-only population and a rich history dating back to ancient times. It is home to Orthodox Christian monasteries and operates under strict rules, including a ban on women and most female animals.

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00:00 The monastic Republic of Mount Athos in northern Greece is a unique area with a population of 2,400 male monks where women are not allowed to enter.
01:32 Mount Athos in Greece has a rich history, including mentions in Greek mythology and ancient texts, but it is best known for being a unique monastic Republic with a male-only population.
02:54 Mount Athos is believed to have been dedicated to the Virgin Mary and has been home to Orthodox Christian monasteries since the third or fourth century, with a brief period of Catholic rule in the 13th century.
04:07 During the Middle Ages, Mount Athos experienced the Catalan Vengeance and was raided by mercenaries, leading to a ban on anyone from Catalonia until 2005, and later saw a shift in the way the monasteries operated due to increased taxes and property seizures by the Ottoman Empire.
05:24 Mount Athos, also known as Aegion Oros or the Holy Mountain, is an autonomous monastic republic with 20 monasteries that operate under the Cenobitic system and are run by the Sacred Community.
06:34 Mount Athos grants Greek citizenship to non-Greek monks, operates on the Julian calendar, and has a strict prohibition on women and most female animals, with only a few exceptions throughout history.
07:45 Mount Athos has had a few exceptions to its ban on women, including a boat of Moldovan migrants in 2008 who were forgiven for unknowingly arriving on the shore, and in 2003 the Greek government considered overturning the ban in response to a resolution from the European Union.
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