The Unique Challenges and Rich History of the Maldives

TLDR The Maldives, a coral atoll country in the Indian Ocean, faces challenges due to its lack of resources, but has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Despite its difficulties, the Maldives has developed a thriving tourism industry but is threatened by rising sea levels.

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00:00 The Maldives is a unique country consisting solely of coral atolls, located in the Indian Ocean and facing a unique set of problems due to its geography and geology.
02:02 The Maldives is a coral atoll made almost entirely of calcium carbonate, lacking mineral resources, fresh water, soil, lumber, and wild animals, making manufacturing and agriculture difficult, and the history of the Maldives is largely based on legends.
03:40 The Maldives, strategically located on trade routes, had permanent settlements dating back to 300 BC, with the first kingdom being the kingdom of Diva Mari, and the initial religion being Hinduism before converting to Buddhism and later Islam.
05:18 The Maldives experienced Islamic rule for almost 800 years, with 84 sultans ruling the country, until it became a republic in 1968.
07:01 In 1968, the Maldives voted to end the monarchy and become a republic, after a series of referendums and political changes.
08:50 The Maldives, once one of the poorest countries in the world, has developed a thriving tourism industry with 132 resorts and 1.2 million tourists a year, thanks to its strategic location and accessibility, but faces the significant threat of sea level rise.
10:35 The Maldives has a rich history that dates back thousands of years, which is something more people should familiarize themselves with before they go there on holiday.
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