The Top 10 Mistresses in History: From The Nightingale to La Malinche

TLDR This podcast episode explores the fascinating stories of ten influential mistresses throughout history, including The Nightingale, Cleopatra, Emma Hamilton, Nell Gwynn, Lily Langtree, Aspasia, and Marina (La Malinche), highlighting their relationships, power, and impact on politics and society.

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00:00 The episode is about the top 10 mistresses in history, with the first one being The Nightingale, a concubine of an early 19th century Persian king.
06:35 The first mistress discussed is The Nightingale, a concubine of an early 19th century Persian king, who had a slight influence on him but was noticed by British observers and humanized the king.
12:08 Cleopatra's relationship with Caesar and Mark Antony is discussed, highlighting her initial dependence on Caesar and her later power and influence over Mark Antony, leading to their defeat and her eventual suicide.
17:36 Piers Gaviston's relationship with Edward II is discussed, highlighting his influence and power, as well as the opposition he faced from the traditional aristocracy, ultimately leading to his execution.
23:16 Emma Hamilton, a woman who rose above her humble background through her sex appeal, charm, and intelligence, becomes the mistress of Charles Greville and later Admiral Nelson, leading to a passionate love affair and controversy.
29:31 Emma Hamilton's relationship with Admiral Nelson and the subsequent ostracization and downfall of her life is tragic and emblematic of the mistreatment of mistresses, leading to guilt and government settlements in the 1840s.
35:31 Nell Gwynn, a popular and beloved mistress of Charles II, was a witty and charismatic actress who gained favor with the London crowds due to her Protestant background and down-to-earth personality, ultimately securing her position as a mistress and securing titles and wealth for her sons.
41:24 Lily Langtree, a mistress of the Prince of Wales, used her affair to become an actress and later found success on the American stage, becoming incredibly famous and even marrying a man named Hugo Gerald de Barth.
47:08 Lily Langtree, a mistress of the Prince of Wales, became incredibly famous and even married a man named Hugo Gerald de Barth, living in Monte Carlo in her seventies.
53:21 Aspasia, a high-profile foreign woman, becomes the mistress of Pericles and has a significant political and philosophical influence on Athens during its golden age.
59:46 Aspasia, a high-profile foreign woman, potentially stands at the head of the entire Western philosophical tradition and may have had a significant political influence on Athens, although the evidence is not conclusive.
01:05:48 Marina, also known as La Malinche, is born into obscurity and sold into slavery, but her ability to speak both Nahuatl and Spanish allows her to become a crucial interpreter and advisor to the Spanish during their conquest of the Aztec empire.
01:12:24 La Milincha, a former slave and crucial interpreter for the Spanish during the conquest of the Aztec Empire, constructs an alliance that enables the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs and establishes a school of translators, ultimately having an outsized impact on the history of Mexico, Spain, and the world.
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