Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top 10 Lesser-Known Churches in the UK

TLDR The Friends of Friendless Churches charity highlights the importance of preserving and protecting churches in England and Wales that are no longer used for worship. From St. Mary's Shrewsbury with its tragic history to the Sandham Memorial Chapel's controversial murals, these lesser-known churches offer a glimpse into history and showcase unique stories and artwork.

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00:00 Churches are a way to get in touch with history and can tell us a lot about the past.
07:13 The host discusses the criteria for choosing the top 10 churches in the UK, emphasizing the importance of not choosing obvious choices and instead opting for more interesting and lesser-known churches.
12:22 St Mary's Shrewsbury is a beautiful church with an interesting story about an 18th century steeplejack and rope slider named Robert Cadman who tragically died while attempting to slide from the top of the spire to the other side of the river.
17:30 St. Beynol's Klinogfar in Gwyneth, North Wales, is a 15th century church with a rich history and was the site of St. Beynol's monastery, which was destroyed by Vikings in the 10th century.
22:49 Robert Roberts, a non-conformist quarry man, was buried next to his daughter in a Church of Wales churchyard after a clash with the vicar, launching David Lloyd George's career as a solicitor.
28:00 David Lloyd George and a group of dissenters broke into a locked churchyard to bury Robert Roberts next to his daughter, leading to a court case that launched Lloyd George's career and eventually led to the establishment of the church in Wales.
33:14 Number four on the list is the Sandham Memorial Chapel in Hampshire, which features large-scale murals painted by Stanley Spencer to honor the forgotten dead of World War One.
39:07 The Sandham Memorial Chapel features large-scale murals painted by Stanley Spencer depicting men rising from their graves and giving their crosses to a tiny figure of Christ, but the chapel faced opposition from bishops due to its depiction of animals being resurrected.
44:24 St. Gregory's Kirkdale in Yorkshire is known for its preserved Saxon sundial and its connection to the discovery of hyena and hippopotamus bones nearby, as well as its celebration of the coming of the turkey.
50:04 St. Andrew's Boynton in Yorkshire is known for its connection to the first turkey brought to Britain, with turkeys featured throughout the church, as well as its beautiful Georgian interior and Norman tub font.
55:30 St. Caddox Plankhirefin in Vale of Glamorgan has some of the best wall paintings in Europe, including a huge George and the Dragon, the Virgin Mary, the princess, people in the tower, the seven deadly sins, and the seven acts of mercy.
01:00:38 St. Michael and All Angels in Hather Sage has literary connections to Charlotte Bronte and is the resting place of Little John, Robin Hood's friend, according to legend.
01:06:02 The Friends of Friendless Churches is a charity founded in 1957 that works to protect and preserve churches in England and Wales that are no longer used for worship.
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