The Spartacus Uprising: The Greatest Slave Revolt in Roman History

TLDR The Third Servile War, led by Spartacus, was the largest slave uprising in Roman history. Spartacus and his army of over 70,000 slaves defeated multiple Roman armies before being defeated themselves, leading to improved treatment and rights for slaves in Rome.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 An army of over 100,000 liberated slaves led by a gladiator slave revolted against Rome, defeating many Roman legions, resulting in one of the most horrific displays in ancient history.
02:10 The Third Servile War, the greatest slave uprising in Roman history, began in 73 BC when a group of 70 gladiator slaves, led by Spartacus, escaped from their school in Capua.
04:01 Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who may have been enslaved after deserting the Roman army, led a group of gladiators in a successful revolt against their Roman captors, freeing slaves and gathering supplies as they rampaged through the countryside around Capua.
05:36 Spartacus and his army, now numbering over 70,000, defeated multiple Roman armies and were on the verge of escaping to Gaul or Germany, but for unknown reasons, Spartacus turned his army around and headed south, causing Rome to panic.
07:20 To prevent the slaves in Rome from joining Spartacus, the Romans enlisted the help of Marcus Licinius Crassus, who was given a large force to deal with Spartacus, and during one of the first battles, Crassus was able to defeat Spartacus and kill 6,000 of his men, while also punishing his own men for disobeying orders.
09:05 Spartacus and his slave army were unable to escape the Roman forces, and after a series of defeats and a valiant last stand, Spartacus was killed in battle and the remaining survivors were subjected to crucifixion along the Appian Way.
10:52 The Spartacus uprising led to improved treatment of slaves, the rise of freedmen in positions of power, and subsequent reforms for better treatment and rights for slaves, ultimately marking the last major slave revolt in Rome and contributing to the fall of the Republic.
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