The Mysterious Life and Death of Casper Hauser

TLDR Casper Hauser, a boy with no known origin, appeared in Nuremberg, Bavaria, and became a famous figure in 19th century Europe. Despite rumors of royal lineage, his story was met with skepticism and his murder remains a mystery.

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00:00 A 16-year-old boy mysteriously appeared in Nuremberg, Bavaria, with no known origin or purpose, and five years later he was found murdered, becoming a famous figure in 19th century Europe.
01:35 A boy mysteriously appears in Nuremberg, Bavaria, with a glazed look on his face, holding an envelope and repeating that he wants to be a Calvaryman like his father, and in the envelope are two anonymous letters, one suggesting that if he isn't good for anything, he should be killed or hung in the chimney, and the other claiming to be from his mother and stating that his father was a Calvaryman who had died.
03:04 Casper Hauser, a boy with no sense of how to behave in society, was arrested for vagrancy and placed in jail, but was eventually taken in by a jailer and his family, where he learned to speak and received many visitors, including the Nuremberg mayor and a local school teacher.
04:25 Casper Hauser, who had spent his entire life in a small cell, was eventually adopted by the community of Nuremberg and became a cause celebra, with rumors circulating about his royal origins.
05:51 Casper Hauser's relationships with his caretakers continued to deteriorate, and he experienced a gunshot wound and a knife wound during his time in various homes.
07:12 After Casper Hauser's death, most of his benefactors turned against him and believed that he was a fraud, as there were too many inconsistencies in his story.
08:41 Casper Hauser's murder was believed to be an attempt at attention that went wrong, and subsequent DNA tests disproved his claim to royal lineage, but his mysterious life and death have inspired numerous artistic works and psychological experiments.
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