The Rise and Fall of the Second Triumvirate in Ancient Rome

TLDR The Second Triumvirate in Ancient Rome, formed after the assassination of Julius Caesar, resulted in chaos and a series of power struggles. Eventually, Octavian emerged victorious, leading to the end of the civil wars and the establishment of the Roman Empire.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 From 59-53 BC, a triumvirate of high-ranking Romans conspired to control the Roman political system, and a decade later, another triumvirate took control with actual legal authority and was far more deadly.
02:04 After the assassination of Julius Caesar, the conspirators didn't have a plan and chaos ensued, with the Caesarean faction taking control of Rome.
03:51 After the civil war broke out between Mark Antony and Octavian, they decided to create a new triumvirate with Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, who didn't have the same level of assets as the other two.
05:43 The Second Triumvirate had their arrangement formally ratified by the Senate and then proceeded to carry out proscriptions, publicly listing and forfeiting the lives and property of wealthy Roman citizens, including Lepidus' brother, Octavian's cousins, and the orator Cicero.
07:28 The Second Triumvirate defeated the anti-Cisarians in the Battle of Philippi, resulting in the death or suicide of most of the conspirators, and then divided the Roman world between themselves, with Octavian getting the western provinces, Mark Antony getting the east, and Lepidus receiving a small portion of North Africa.
09:11 Octavian was able to turn public opinion against Antony by influencing Roman opinion and obtaining a copy of Antony's will, which expressed his desire to be buried in Egypt and left Cleopatra Roman lands, leading to the battle of Actium.
11:08 The defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra by Octavian led to their suicides, the end of the civil wars in Rome, and the transition from a republic to an empire.
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