The World of Misers: Tales of Extreme Frugality and Wealth

TLDR This episode explores the fascinating stories of extreme misers who, despite their wealth, lived incredibly frugal lifestyles and went to great lengths to save money. From an 18th century British Parliament member who walked in the rain instead of taking a coach to the Guinness World Record holder for greatest miser who secretly donated sizable sums to charities, these misers prove that wealth does not always equate to lavish living.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 Some people are so cheap that they appear destitute despite being wealthy, and this episode explores the world of Misers and their incredible stories.
01:38 This section introduces the topic of extreme misers who go to great lengths to save money despite being wealthy.
03:13 John Elwis, an 18th century miser and member of the British Parliament, inherited a fortune but lived an extremely frugal lifestyle, going to great lengths to save money, such as walking in the rain instead of taking a coach and wearing shabby clothes with holes in them to look like a beggar.
04:36 Daniel Dancer, an Englishman and contemporary of John Elwis, inherited 80 acres of land but refused to spend any money on it, living a frugal lifestyle and even refusing to pay for a doctor when his sister became ill.
06:03 Hedy Green, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the greatest miser, was a shrewd investor who followed a contrarian strategy and did extensive research before investing in stocks.
07:30 Hedy Green was famous for her thriftiness, living in boarding houses, wearing the same black dress every day, and even using a room at the bank as her office to save money.
08:52 Hedy Green, despite her reputation as a miser, secretly gave sizable sums of money to charities and personally bailed out the city of New York several times, making her the richest woman in the world when she died in 1916.
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