The Origins and Meanings Behind Wedding Traditions

TLDR Wedding traditions have evolved over time, with customs such as engagement rings, wedding rings, and the father giving away the bride dating back to ancient times. Other traditions, like tossing the bouquet and throwing the garter, originated as symbolic acts and protection against evil spirits. The concept of a honeymoon has its roots in hidden newlyweds, and modern traditions like the bride wearing white and the wedding march can be traced back to Queen Victoria.

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00:00 Weddings are full of traditions, but most people don't know where these customs come from.
01:44 Weddings are full of traditions, with modern weddings being a combination of customs from different periods throughout history, such as hand-fasting and engagement rings.
03:17 Engagement rings were originally limited to the wealthy, while wedding rings have an ancient tradition dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, and the traditions of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding, the bridal veil, and the father giving away the bride all stem from the days of arranged marriages.
04:43 Tossing the bouquet and throwing the garter were ways to distract guests and symbolize the consummation of the marriage, while bridesmaids and groomsmen originated from the need to confuse evil spirits and protect the bride, respectively.
06:05 The concept of a honeymoon may have originated from a kidnapped bride and groom going into hiding while the bride's family searched for them, and the modern manifestation of a honeymoon was created in 19th century Britain as a bridal tour to visit relatives who couldn't attend the wedding.
07:35 The association of white with purity for weddings and the tradition of the bride marching down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride" can be traced back to Queen Victoria's wedding in the 19th century.
09:45 Throwing rice at the bride and groom when they leave the wedding is a tradition that has changed in recent years due to concerns about bird safety, but the belief that rice can kill birds is actually an urban myth.
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