The Life and Legend of Andrei the Giant

TLDR Andrei the Giant was a professional wrestler and actor known for his enormous size, incredible feats, and legendary drinking ability. Despite facing challenges due to his size, Andrei had a successful career in wrestling and left behind a lasting legacy in the industry.

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00:00 Andrei the Giant, born in 1946, was a professional wrestler and actor who became a worldwide phenomenon due to his enormous size and incredible feats.
01:48 Andrei the Giant, born in rural France, quickly grew to be 6 feet 3 inches tall by the age of 12 and began his wrestling career at 18 under the name The Giant Fierre, eventually changing his ring name to Andrei The Giant and adopting a lumbering giant persona.
03:29 Andrei the Giant's massive size and popularity allowed him to sell out arenas wherever he went, leading to a legendary career in professional wrestling.
05:03 Andrei the Giant's massive size and strength made him virtually unbeatable in the ring, and his size also caused numerous challenges when traveling, including not being able to fit in seats, beds, showers, or toilets, and being refused rides in taxis.
06:33 Andrei the Giant was known for his incredible drinking ability, consuming about 7,000 calories of alcohol daily and having numerous stories of consuming massive amounts of alcohol, including 108 beers in one sitting and drinking all the vodka on a plane.
08:17 Andrei the Giant's famous drinking stories include ordering 40 vodka tonics in one night, consuming 156 beers in another night, and having a $40,000 bar tab after staying in an English hotel for a month.
09:50 Andrei the Giant's career ended after losing to Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, and he passed away in 1993 at the age of 46, leaving behind a lasting legacy as the first person inducted into the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame.
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