The History and Traditions of the Super Bowl

TLDR The Super Bowl, originally not called the Super Bowl, has a rich history and established traditions. From its origins in early football stadiums to its status as one of the largest television events in American history, the Super Bowl has become a cultural phenomenon with traditions such as halftime performances, high-cost advertisements, and mayoral wagers.

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00:00 The Super Bowl was not always called the Super Bowl and the tradition of calling big American football games "bowls" comes from the shape of the early football stadiums.
01:49 The tradition of using the word "bowl" to describe football games began with the Rose Bowl, and other games like the Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl followed suit, with the NFL adopting the term "Pro Bowl" for their All-Star game in 1951, and the Super Bowl originally being called something else before the AFL and NFL merged in 1966.
03:10 The first Super Bowl game was between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and despite being seen as a gimmick at the time, it was not sold out and was the only Super Bowl to have been broadcast by two networks.
04:29 Super Bowl III changed the status of the game and gave it credibility as a real competition when the New York Jets of the AFL defeated the Baltimore Colts of the NFL.
05:42 The Super Bowl has established several traditions and superlatives, including having some of the largest television audiences in American history, being the second largest day of food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving, and being the biggest day of the year for gambling.
07:03 The cost of a Super Bowl ad is the highest of any televised event each year, water systems are not stressed during the Super Bowl but key moments of the game can be seen through water usage statistics, the halftime main entertainment is not paid but leads to a spike in album and ticket sales, Lady Gaga saw a 1,000% increase in album sales after her halftime show, no sitting president has ever attended a Super Bowl, the first touchdown in Super Bowl 1 was scored by a hungover Green Bay Packer, and mayors of the cities of the teams in the Super Bowl traditionally place a wager on the game.
08:21 Super Bowl 55 will be the first time a team plays in their home stadium, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing at Raymond James Stadium, and the mayors of Tampa Bay and Kansas City have placed a wager on the game consisting of cigars, craft beers, and Kansas City Barbecue.
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