The History and Evolution of Mother's Day

TLDR Mother's Day has a long history that dates back to ancient civilizations and has evolved over time. It was officially established as a national holiday in the United States in 1914 and has since become a lucrative holiday with billions of dollars spent on gifts each year.

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00:00 Mother's Day was created due to determined women and greeting card companies, and is celebrated in 96 countries on the second Sunday in May.
01:27 The history of Mother's Day dates back to ancient Mediterranean civilizations, including the Phrygians, Greeks, and Romans, and later evolved in medieval Europe with Mothering Sunday.
02:51 Mothering Sunday, which took place during Lent, was a holiday in England associated with the Anglican Church and had connections to Mary the Mother of Jesus, but it was later revived in the 20th century in response to the modern version of Mother's Day, which can be attributed to Ann Jarvis and her Mother's Day Work Clubs.
04:06 Julia Ward Howe created a Mother's Day for Peace in 1872, which focused on peace rather than motherhood, but it eventually faded away, while the town of Albion, Michigan also attempted to establish a Mother's Day in 1877, but it was unsuccessful due to local politics; the modern version of Mother's Day was finally created in 1905 by Anna Jarvis in honor of her mother.
05:21 Anna Jarvis successfully implemented her idea for Mother's Day, with the first service being held in 1907 and celebrations spreading to multiple states and countries; eventually, Congress officially declared Mother's Day a national holiday in 1914.
06:32 Anna Jarvis successfully implemented her idea for Mother's Day, with the assistance of florists and trademarks, but became obsessed with getting credit and denouncing the commercialization of the holiday.
07:44 Mother's Day is still a lucrative holiday, with an estimated $28 billion being spent in 2021 on gifts such as flowers, jewelry, restaurant visits, greeting cards, and spa treatments.
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