The History and Evolution of Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast

TLDR The 100th episode of the Everything Everywhere Daily podcast reflects on its origins, expresses gratitude to listeners, and discusses the host's plans for the future. The podcast aims to provide educational content and has evolved from a video podcast about travel to a daily podcast covering a wide range of subjects.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The 100th episode of the podcast provides the backstory of how the show came about and how it works, while also expressing gratitude to the listeners for their support.
01:38 The podcast aims to provide educational content in response to the increase in disinformation and polarization caused by the internet, and the host's initial goal was to create a video podcast about the history, geography, geology, and culture of the places he visited while traveling.
03:06 The host's initial plan to create a video podcast in 2007 was abandoned due to technical difficulties, but the idea was revived two years ago as a weekly podcast about random subjects, with the first episode focusing on the Mona Lisa, although the research for the episode became too extensive and the podcast was put on hold until March 2020 when the travel industry was severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
04:34 The host's income dropped significantly due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the travel industry, leading him to revive the podcast with shorter, more frequent episodes on a variety of subjects.
05:57 The host explains his process for recording and editing episodes, including how he records in segments and assembles them together in GarageBand, and mentions that he does not work ahead and produces episodes daily.
07:27 The host discusses how he acquires music for the show, mentions that he has no shortage of ideas for episodes, explains the challenges of finding communities of listeners, and acknowledges the limitations on his time due to the daily production of the podcast.
08:54 The host explains that he currently does everything for the show himself, but plans to repurpose the content into YouTube videos, books, and potentially run tours in the future.
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