The British Crown Jewels: A Symbol of Monarchy and Historical Significance

TLDR The British Crown Jewels, housed in the Tower of London, are a collection of ceremonial objects that hold immense historical and symbolic value as representations of the British monarchy. With over 142 items, including crowns, swords, and robes, the crown jewels are permanently stored and guarded, attracting millions of visitors who marvel at their beauty and historical significance.

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00:00 The British Crown Jewels, located in the Tower of London, are a collection of objects that hold immense value and historical significance as symbols of the British monarchy.
01:37 The British Crown Jewels are a collection of ceremonial objects owned by the institution of the crown, not personally by the monarch, and include 142 items such as crowns, plates, trumpets, swords, and robes.
03:14 The majority of the pieces in the British Crown Jewels collection are relatively new, with only four items predating the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, including three swords and the Anointing Spoon, which is used in the coronation ceremony.
04:41 The St. Edward's Crown is only used during the coronation ceremony and has been worn by a few monarchs, while the Imperial State Crown, which is smaller and lighter, is traditionally worn by the monarch during the opening of parliament and contains numerous precious stones, including the Cullinan II Diamond.
06:15 Other objects used in the coronation ceremony include jewel-encrusted swords and the sovereign's orb and scepter, with the main scepter containing the largest clear-cut diamond in the world.
07:47 The crown jewels, including the largest clear-cut diamond in the world, are permanently stored in the Tower of London and are under constant watch by the Tower Guard, with over 30 million people having personally seen them.
09:18 The crown jewels are technically priceless, but informal estimates place their value between 3 to 5 billion pounds, not including their historic value, and the Cullinan 1 diamond alone is estimated to be worth around $400 million.
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