A Daily Podcast Celebrates 500th Episode Amidst Pandemic

TLDR A podcast that started during the pandemic is now celebrating its 500th episode, with the host discussing the challenges, future plans, and the desire to create a book and videos based on the podcast's content.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 A man launched a daily podcast during the pandemic, and now, 16 months later, it is celebrating its 500th episode.
01:46 The host wanted to create a podcast that wasn't governed by algorithms and focused on different topics, but initially abandoned the idea due to the amount of research required, until the pandemic hit and the travel industry came to a halt.
03:19 The host's contracts and projects were cancelled due to the pandemic, leading him to rethink his podcast and ultimately create a daily show with shorter episodes.
04:55 The host explains how he comes up with ideas for episodes, how long it takes him to create an episode, and that he works on the show up until the moment he hits publish, with no help from anyone else.
06:33 The host discusses the challenges of making a living from podcasting, the importance of word of mouth for growing an audience, and the decision to prioritize the show over travel due to COVID-19 restrictions.
08:08 The host discusses plans for the future of the podcast, including the need to grow the audience in order to bring in revenue, the desire to hire writers and researchers to lighten the workload, and the possibility of creating videos for the episodes.
09:43 The host reflects on the idea of what a relatively intelligent adult should know, and discusses the possibility of creating a book and future episodes based on this body of knowledge, as well as special episodes for supporters on Patreon, interviews with historians and authors, merchandise, and future tours.
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