The History and Cure of Scurvy

TLDR Scurvy, a deadly disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, plagued sailors during the age of exploration until the cure was discovered through the consumption of lime juice. The Royal Navy's mandate of daily lemon juice consumption and the invention of Rose's lime juice further prevented scurvy.

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00:00 Scurvy was a deadly disease that killed over two million sailors between the voyage of Columbus to the middle 19th century.
01:44 Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C, which is necessary for the production of collagen, and the symptoms can include feeling sluggish, easy bruising, bleeding gums, tooth loss, and bleeding skin.
03:21 Scurvy causes internal bleeding, rotting gums, black and gangrenous limbs, and the inability to eat, leading to many deaths during the age of exploration.
04:49 Sailors on long voyages suffered from scurvy and other nutrient deficiencies due to a lack of fresh food, but the cure for scurvy was discovered when Jacques Cartier's crew learned to make tea from pine needles containing vitamin C.
06:16 Captain James Cook reduced scurvy by requiring his crew to consume sauerkraut and fresh fruits and vegetables, but the Scottish doctor James Lind is credited with solving the scurvy problem through a clinical trial that showed lime juice to be the most effective cure.
07:44 In the late 18th century, the Royal Navy mandated the daily consumption of lemon juice for sailors, which led to the elimination of scurvy, and in 1867, the invention of Rose's lime juice allowed for the preservation of lime juice without alcohol, further preventing scurvy.
09:19 Scurvy is now extremely rare, but occasional cases still occur, often in individuals who have a poor diet consisting mainly of processed foods and no fresh foods.
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