The Greatest Comeback in Sports History: The 2013 America's Cup

TLDR The 2013 America's Cup saw Team Oracle USA make an incredible comeback, winning eight races in a row after starting at a 2-0 disadvantage. Their innovative strategy and mastery of foiling against the wind led to their victory over Emirates Team New Zealand, making it the greatest comeback in sports history.

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00:00 The 2013 America's Cup had the greatest comeback in sports history.
01:36 The America's Cup is the oldest international competition in the world and has unique rules set by the defending champion.
03:12 The 2013 America's Cup featured the defending team, Team Oracle USA, sponsored by Oracle and its billionaire owner Larry Ellison, competing against the challenger, Emirates team New Zealand, in the fastest class of sailing ships ever designed, the AC72, which could go faster than the wind.
04:45 Team Oracle USA started the competition at a 2-0 disadvantage due to a penalty, and after 11 races, Emirates team New Zealand only needed one more win to secure the Cup.
06:17 Team Oracle USA had to win eight races in a row, with a 1-256 chance of success, and their boat's engineering and crew experience initially did not mesh well, until they figured out the issue of foiling when sailing against the wind.
07:45 Team Oracle USA changed their strategy and took a longer, faster route when going against the wind, which allowed them to win multiple races and ultimately beat Emirates Team New Zealand in the 19th and final race, making it the greatest comeback in the history of sports.
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