The Great Nottingham Cheese Riot: A Chaotic Protest Over Cheese Prices

TLDR In 1766, the town of Nottingham experienced a riot known as the Great Nottingham Cheese Riot, sparked by high cheese prices during the annual goose fair. Locals clashed with merchants from Lincolnshire, leading to chaos, looting, and even a fatality.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 In 1766, the town of Nottingham experienced an odd riot known as the Great Nottingham Cheese Riot.
01:30 In 1766, the town of Nottingham held its annual goose fair, which had been a tradition for almost a thousand years.
02:47 The summer of 1766 was marked by food shortages and increased food prices, including a doubling in the price of cheese, leading to tensions during the annual goose fair in Nottingham.
04:07 Locals in Nottinghamshire became angry when merchants from Lincolnshire came to buy up all the cheese at the fair, leading to chaos, shouting, pushing, and the rolling of cheese wheels down the street to keep it out of the hands of the outsiders.
05:20 The angry mob in Nottingham set up roadblocks, looted a cargo boat filled with cheese, attacked a warehouse, and stormed the jail in order to release those arrested for rioting.
06:31 The army was called in to restore order during the Nottingham Cheese Riot, and they fired into the crowd, killing one man, William Eggleston, who was trying to protect his cheese.
07:47 The town of Nottingham celebrated the 250th anniversary of the Great Cheese Riot by recreating the event, with the Lord Mayor having large wheels of cheese rolled at him in the city square.
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