The Rise and Fall of a Rat Utopia: Lessons on Society and Human Behavior

TLDR A utopia experiment for rats turned into a dystopia, with the mouse population experiencing a breakdown in society and becoming violent and cannibalistic. The experiment's findings have been used to draw connections to human behavior, but opinions on its relevance remain divided.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 A man created a utopia for rats, but it turned into a dystopia instead.
02:16 The mouse population in Universe 25 started off well, but eventually experienced a breakdown in society and became violent and cannibalistic.
04:08 The mice in Universe 25 stopped reproducing and engaged in no social activity, leading to the extinction of the population, despite there being plenty of resources and space available.
05:59 The theories explaining what happened to the mice in Universe 25 were used to make connections to human behavior, such as the breakdown of the family, apathy in crowded cities, and behavior on social media, but these opinions were not supported by data.
07:42 The interpretation of Calhoun's experiment has changed over the years, but while it may not be useful scientifically, it has become a metaphor and cultural touchstone.
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