The Gracchi Brothers and the Destruction of the Roman Republic

TLDR The Gracchi brothers, Tiberius and Gaius, sought to bring about social reforms in the corrupt Roman Republic by advocating for land redistribution and limits on land ownership. However, their efforts were met with opposition from the wealthy elites, leading to their violent deaths and the subsequent downfall of the Republic.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 The Gracchi brothers sought to change Roman society to benefit the poor and underclass, but their efforts were thwarted by the Roman elites, ultimately leading to the destruction of the Republic.
01:58 The Gracchi brothers were born into a prestigious family during a time when the Roman Republic was corrupt and land was concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy senators, leading to unemployment among Roman citizens.
03:40 Tiberius Gracchus, a member of the Populares political faction, advocated for radical land reform in Rome, including limits on land ownership and redistribution of land to those without any.
05:30 Tiberius Gracchus proposed land reform in Rome, limiting land ownership and redistributing land to those without any, which was popular with the common people but opposed by wealthy senators, and although the bill eventually passed, it was hindered by insufficient funding from the Senate.
07:19 Tiberius Gracchus was beaten to death by a mob during his re-election campaign, leading to his younger brother Gaius taking over as Tribune and continuing with similar popular measures.
09:08 The murder of Gaius Gracchus and the subsequent execution of his supporters marked a pivotal moment in Roman history, as it lifted the taboo on violence in domestic politics and led to a series of civil wars in the following century.
10:58 The Gracchi brothers, despite being born into a wealthy family, advocated for social reforms and used policies with widespread popular support to increase their influence and power in the Roman Republic.
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